Once the meat has been bought, we focus on inventory volume and turn over. As a principal owner of the product we make sure our product is imported in good condition and kept wholesome in our Philadelphia warehouse. We conduct business in a manner that discourages speculation so that we maintain an immediate inventory for sale. APJ has the ability to conduct business with the smallest to the largest companies in the country, for both food service and retail needs.

APJ Meats is complimented often for the ability to give tailored offers and pricing, timely information, accuracy of orders, quick response to issues and individual payment terms. 90% of our business is repeat because we give exceptional service. Such things as reliable delivery timetables so you can plan your inventory needs for the following week.

As a member of MICA (Meat Importers Council of America) we are kept abreast of global affairs, requirements for the safe handling of product, national security concerns and the latest trends within the meat industry.

Regular visits “down under” keep us in good stance with suppliers and in touch with the primary industry that supports our business. Due to our extensive global travel, APJ Meats has learned to understand and respect the needs of the diverse cultures within the United States. All our meat is halal certified. We do a great job with whole carcass goat and lamb that is a favorite around festive times. We keep a stock of specialty meats that compliment the basic cuts for that “back home” dish that wouldn’t be right without that one ingredient.