Immediate delivery orders – APJ Meats customer size varies and we can accommodate orders from a mixed item pallet to multiple loads of imported lamb meat, imported mutton meat, imported goat meat and imported beef. Orders taken on currently available inventory are delivered the following week. We consolidate orders and pass on freight saving to our customers.

Future delivery orders -. For future delivery orders up to 30 days out, brands are always given, arrival dates are known, clearance and delivery dates can be estimated to the week. Orders for 60-90 days, offers are always made with a brand and locked in with producers. APJ has a reputation for proactively getting loads produced and shipped on time. Arrival dates are given timely and loads are strictly monitored all the way through the process.

With it being possible to buy so far into the future, we know how important it is for our customers to know how prices are moving. Our salesmen are also buyers and know as much about the changes in supply as the market we sell into. Please ask us about global conditions and pricing trends to facilitate your order decision.