With a loyal staff that has been with us since we formed 10 years ago, and the combined experience of our employees and management, you can guarantee that all of your Halal-certified imported mutton meat, imported lamb meat, and imported goat meat is of excellent quality. Throughout very difficult USDA inspections, as well as keeping up with rigorous demands for the different imported meats, our staff has maintained a high level of prestige consistently. As a 3rd generation, family-run business, APJ Meats does our best to provide the highest quality to our very loyal customer base.

Whether it’s delivery logistics, what we have in inventory, or order concerns, our dedicated staff is here to serve you. Our selection of imported foreign meats is limited to a handful of meats, however, we are extremely educated on what exactly each product’s needs entail. You can guarantee that our services remain some of the best in the imported meat industry.

Trade Credit Service

Trade credit is extremely important to the majority of businesses. Being a small company we have the ability to get to know your company and be able to customize credit terms. We routinely offer short term credit to help expand your market and customer base.

Point of Sale Material

To help you expand your business, upon request we can send you posters, brochures, recipe books, buying catalogs. We would be happy to order material from this web site.

Forward buying

With it being possible to buy 60-90 days out, as well as spot, it is important to know where prices are going. It has become intrinsic to our functioning, for all our salesmen to be buyers and to know as much about the supply changes as the market we sell into. Please ask us for supply changes and pricing trends prior to placing your order. We pride ourselves in being up to date.

Palletized Carcass

Whole goat and lamb carcass is an important item for us and along with our freezer we have developed a method to palletize a standard 40 pieces per pallet in a manner that allows for accurate weight taking and manageable loading and efficient storing.